An Exclusive,premium HTML5 & CSS3 Template

An Exclusive,premium HTML5 & CSS3 Template

Boxify is a free responsive One Page HTML template by Australian digital designer, Peter Finlan. The template, commissioned by the excellent Codrops, features a clean spacious layout and suits any type of digital agency or freelancer. Main features include a modal video option, a unique loading overlay navigation, a neat feature slider within a device and a fancyBox image gallery that would be used to show off your work. 'Boxify' really is a good looking template compared to the other Free One Page Templates out there.

Boxify is a modern free HTML5/CSS3 website template with a polished look and smooth animations, carefully crafted with the latest web technologies. Boxify is a stylish HTML5/CSS3 template that was carefully crafted and enhanced with some smooth effects. It's fitting for any type of portfolio or start-up website, but it's very flexible and can be used for many other projects. The responsive template is made with the freshest web technologies and it's build with Bootstrap, Flickity, fancyBox, jQuery Waypoints and Animate.css.

Boxify is a lightweight application sandbox for stock Android. Building upon application virtualization and process-based privilege separation, Boxify securely encapsulates untrusted apps in an isolated environment. In contrast to most related work on stock Android, Boxify eliminates the need to modify the code of monitored apps and thereby overcomes existing legal concerns and deployment problems that rewriting-based approaches have been facing. Boxify can be deployed as a regular Android app without firmware modifications or root privileges.


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